Douglas Dart
Owner, CEO & Broker
(559) 960-5915

Family Man. Loves to Ride his
BMW Motorcycle.
Enjoys Social Media. Drinks
Coffee Responsibly.
Hustles like no one else.
Meet Douglas & Shelby Dart,
co-owners of all things Dart.

With their marriage, they also realized the benefits of being in business together. Douglas comes from a strong Real Estate investment & general construction background, while Shelby studied logistics and real estate consulting. This perfect fit made for the very best team for all areas of their real estate practice.

Darts own and operate
Dart Realty & Property Management,
Dart General Construction,
Sayland Property Management in Fresno CA.,

& Suite One Property Management in Paso Robles CA.

Whether you are investing in real estate, buying your first home, selling your home to downgrade or simply want to be a landlord, we've got your covered from Fresno California to Paso Robles California & all surrounding areas.

Shelby Dart
CO-Owner, CFO & Operations
(559) 301-0508

Believer. Dog mom. Grammy.
Worships coffee. Loves Fast Cars.
Happy Wife, Happy Life.
Always craves epic nap.

Brian Ferguson
Realtor & Senior Property Manager
(559) 304-1752

Fresno State Graduate.
Married with 2 sons.
Central Coast connoisseur.
Golf & Softball is a must.
Doing his best to create 2 little Giants fans.

David Tucci
Realtor & Property Manager
(559) 824-8904

Born in the Central Valley with a
baseball bat in his hand.
All things baseball = Go Giants.
Number cruncher & enjoys the game of negotiating.

Deanna Pellerin
(559) 930-9501

Vintage & vinyl collector.
Indian Motorcycle rider.
FLYP Member.
Downtown Academy Class of 2019.
Believer in iced coffee &
a good pair of boots.
Nicole Rabeneau
Transaction Coordinator
(559) 442-4141

Proud Airforce Wife, Mom and Aunt.
Stereotypical crazy soccer mom.
Husky Dog rescuer.

Bryan Raab-Davis
(559) 347-8153

Longtime Tower District denizen.
In love with historic architecture, classic cars &
his two needy dogs.
Freelance automotive journalist.
Beer should be hoppy, scotch should be malty and martini's should have just a hint of vermouth.

Matt Rider
(559) 905-6663

Beach bum. Golfer.
Wine enthusiast.
Robert Clark
(559) 712-1012

Judy Barsamian- Armstrong
(805) 709-2972

Loves weekly beach trips,
photography, and drinking
the craft beer her husband brews.

Norm Schendel
Realtor & Property Manager
(559) 779-5552

Monique McGrath
(559) 790-8446
Trevor Leal
Realtor & Property Manager
(559) 917-5799

If it involves outdoor adventures,
yoga, or tacos count me in.

Channie Doyle
(559) 318-6374

Shanae Montijo
Property Manager
(805) 238-3055

Matt Montijo
Accounting Manager
(559) 442-4141 x207
(805) 238-3055

Jordan Foster
(559) 283-6537

Loves God and loves people better each day, military veteran, currently experimenting with facial hair, uses mustache wax.

Melissa Lorenz
(970) 217-9587

Meagan Turner
Dart Coordinator
(559) 593-9075

Jesus has my soul, shopping has my wallet,
county music has my heart, and
red wine has my sanity.
Crystal Turner
Maintenance Manager
(559) 442-4141

Not Pictured:

Leslie Montelongo, Realtor
#01427882 (559) 696-8728

Jeannie Frantz, Realtor
#01328263 (559) 696-5060

Wayne Weibe, Realtor
#01994934 (559) 288-5577

Brett Cox, Realtor
#01707027 (559) 321-1910

Alex Chavez
Front Receptionist
(559) 442-4141 x200